living in the chi.

“We’ve seen billionaires manipulating policies and people, and we’ve seen the worst of times with thieving presidents. No one’s happy with the state of politics. Here in Egypt, most people won’t accept a state based on religion and at the same time they won’t accept a state that’s hostile to it. We want a shirt that’s tailor-made for Egypt, our own shirt, I mean, a shirt that smells of jasmine, made of Egyptian cotton. It would be the color of the Nile, a shirt that makes us feel free when we wear it so we know we’re working the way we should be for our country. These days everyone wants to work. They want to be productive. They want a government that knows how to make the most of that feeling… Look around you. Look at people’s dreams floating in the air, waiting for someone to grab them. If someone blew a trumpet today, you’ll find all 90 million Egyptians standing in queue.”
Taxi (By Khaled Alkhamissi)
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