living in the chi.

“Now, I felt I had to go through our past plans about our future and undo it all.
I thought: we’ll never have a big wedding. We won’t have a small one. Our wedding won’t be medium-size. We’ll never know if our children might have been smart or worn glasses or had vocabulary words printed on index cards. We won’t be having any boys. No girls, no boys. We won’t call them anything. We’ll never argue about what to call them. I’ll never be unhappy with one of the names, and I’ll never tell him I wished our daughter were named something else. I’ll never pretend to like a name just because he liked it. No, we’ll never have that fight.
For that, at least, I am glad.
We’ll never say we love each other, and that this time we mean it like we haven’t meant it before and like we’ll never say it again to anyone else. No. We’ll never do that.”
Elissa Bassist, “The Never-to-Be Bride” (via leopoldgursky)
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