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Ass Drop
Wiz Khalifa
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Ass DropWiz Khalifa


Hey guys. I lost my father tonight. Please a quick dua would mean the world. Salam

“Nail me to you. I will ride you like a nightmare.”
Jeanette Winterson (via lovequotesrus)

I’m starting to like my face 😊

good good good


I’m starting to like my face 😊

good good good


White People: The Middle East is so barbaric. They’ll cut off a person’s hand just for stealing!

White People when an unarmed black kid is murdered by police in America: Yeah, but he shoplifted some cigarillos, so…


give me a body positive song that does not center around the approval of boys

“I find it funny”
A chick that caught yo ass (via validx2)


A few banner ads from the Cartoon Network website (1999-2000)

im going to buy myself a pie and eat it and not give a fuck.

“If you think women are crazy you’ve never had a dude go from hitting on you to literally threatening to kill you in the time it takes you to say “no thanks.””
Kendra Wells. (via mysharona1987)
“I read on a slip of paper at dinner tonight that
You must empty yourself before God may enter
so I emptied myself and found
the bottom of a lake bed
caked with sticky mud
next to a sign that said
do not swim.”
"After Another Execution" in There, There by George Higgins, reviewed by Heather Dobbins (via therumpus)